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Temperature & fan issues in Inspiron 15 5000 5593

I bought new Inspiron 15 5593 on 24th Feb, 2020 from GPT ( Local Distributor in Myanmar) .That company is the distributor in Myanmar, Republic of Union of Myanmar.

Product details: New Inspiron 15 5000 5593.

I found the issue that fan is too loud and noisy. It is also heating.

When I call to local service center, the service man said that is the built in system which implemented in Intel 10th Generation. Which is targeted to speed up laptop performance and to reduce heat. 

He said to change the setting in Dell Power Manager . The default option is Optimized. I changed and  tried to use again. It is not working yet. I didn't found any different for each option (total 4 options existing). I can honestly say, heat is more increase if the fun sound is a little decrease.

If the local service man is right, how do we use that laptop in a public area , such as cafe, airport, etc?

If the fan speed is a little reduce , we can't even touch keyboard. The laptop is too hot. We can even cook egg.

According to local service man, he said "he is getting so many feedback from customer for that issue".

Currently, I sent my PC to Service Center. I also found "L" key from keyboard is not working & that key is already broken.

Please can I know, the issue I mentioned is System issue for all laptops with that model or only this PC?

If it is the system issue, why not fix and distributing to users.It will effect the company.


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Should i buy this laptop for programming??? 

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Yes same issue with my laptop.

It's heating too much.

No one is resolving my issue from dell.

Don't buy dell laptop.

I have wasted 68k for the dell Inspiron 5593 laptop.

My suggestion don't buy dell laptop.


True I am also cooking omlate daily on my 5000 series laptop

Even worst service by dell.

They always told me to just update the system.

I have more knowledge than dell technical experts. 

I suggest please read all the reviews before buying dell.


I would think twice about buying this model. Even doing basic tasks the turbo mode seems to trigger a rapid rise in temperatures near T Junction max of 100c. According to Intel this is by design to allow for better turbo speeds and longer duration and Intel and the OEM's have created tighter tolerances to allow near max temps. I think the fan kicks in far too late and both the CPU and keyboard get very warm. It might be by design, but I am not very satisfied with my 5593 with the 1035G1 core i5. 


Dell laptop is best and durability also good, the issue is with Intel 10nm cpu graphics driver and Input and output driver and sata achi driver (check your device manager for input and output driver and sata achi chipset series, both are different)

Dell with AMD laptop is much much better than Intel laptop. even Qualcomm CPU (7nm) also better cooling system.


Disable the background apps.

upgrade to 3200Mhz ram speed (check the intel website for suitable ram for your cpu).

update the laptop firmware (go to device manager and update the firmware).

reinstall the chipset driver and graphics driver again.


I bought dell inspiron 5593 and was facing heating issue and fan noise. I downloaded and installed the latest drivers from dell support followed the following youtube videos. I am not facing heating issue and fan noise. Hope this will help to resolve your issues.


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I have an intel core i7 which runs at a faster 1.5 ghz base speed.   i got a intel core i5 for my wife , which is  a 1.2 ghz base speed, and quiet most of the time. The fan noise was driving me crazy.  I wanted to post that this dell 5593 and most dells are great laptops.   dell is so great that they offer a utility to tweak the fan settings, and i chose the quiet option and the fan is so much quieter that i do not hear it as often any more.    i was so close to giving up and living with the noisy fan.   the fan is new and not broken, but i just prefer silence.   ty so much to the poster that solved my annoying problem with the post of :

Search for "Dell Power Management" in Start

Open and go to the "Thermal Management"

Select the Option "Quiet"

The laptop will become Quiet instantly.

The default setting is set to optimize the laptop. 

If you don't have Dell Power Management I think you have to install it



i had the same problem. my cpu was always at 45/50% usage. after many test i found a service in background that used a lot of memory : "Dell assist support remediation". open your task manager and find this service: look at the memory usage and then try to arrest it. the notebook become immediatly quit and not hot.

however this notebook doesn't not have a good cooling system...Under stress the temp of cpu raises  above 90% triggering thermal throttling.....but only in these situations. i'll try to apply a new thermal paste to reduce temps!

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Same problem.

My solution is just add another ram and the problem is fixed.

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