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The Offical Windows 11 is now here!

Official Windows 11 is now here. Did everyone want to install it? Now I will show 2 things you can do to install it.

P.S: If your CPU doesn't support this OS, you're in luck! Everyone can get a taste of this OS. 

But of course, there’s a catch. If your computer hardware is incompatible with Windows 11, then you’ll not get the Windows 11 update when it rolls out to the public later in the year. And worse, Microsoft will want you to roll back to Windows 10 when Windows 11 is public. There’d no further Windows 11 Insider Preview builds for incompatible systems once the new version of Windows is out for everyone.

However, there’s good news too, hopefully. The last Windows 11 Insider Preview build should be very stable as it’ll probably be the same build that will go into the stable channel for the public release.

Hence, in case you do NOT wish to go back to Windows 10 after the last Windows 11 developer preview builds for incompatible computers, then you can probably continue using it for the long run because it’s to be very stable.

1.  Download Windows 11 using Windows Insider Program.

  1. On your Windows 10 PC, open Settings
  2. Head to Update & Security and choose ‘Windows Insider Program’ from the left pane
  3. If you’re not already signed up, click the ‘Get Started’ button


  4. From the pop-up that appears, click ‘Link an account'


  5. Choose from an account that’s already signed in, or log in with new details
  6. On the next screen, make sure you choose the ‘Dev Channel’ - that’s the only way to get the Windows 11 beta right now


  7. Hit ‘Confirm’ on this screen and the next, which indicates you agree to the terms and conditions


  8. To complete signup, you’ll need to restart your PC. Choose whether to do that now or later


That’s the hard bit done – now you’ll just need to install the beta like you would any other update

How to install the Windows 11 beta: Download the update

Once you’re a member of the Insider Program, installing the Windows 11 beta couldn’t be easier:

  1. Head to Settings > Update & Security
  2. From the Windows Update tab, choose ‘Check for updates'


  3. After a few seconds, an update named ‘Windows 11 Insider Preview’ will automatically begin downloading


  4. Once it’s finished, you’ll be prompted to restart your PC. Click ‘Restart now’ to do it straight away

That’s it! Once your PC has installed the update, the Windows 11 beta will be ready to use. Don’t worry, all your apps and files will remain intact.

2. Download Windows 11 Preview ISO from Windows Update Servers

Other than the Windows Insider Preview program, Microsoft also shared the Insider Preview builds of all Insider channels in form of ISO files as well.

You can download the latest Insider Preview builds ISO files from the Windows Update servers directly by going to the webpage.

Though Microsoft hasn’t yet updated the Insider Preview ISO page with Windows 11 builds yet, but when it does, you can download it by selecting the ‘Windows 11 Insider Preview Dev Channel – Build 22000’ from the dropdown menu under the ‘Select edition’ section on the page.



Once you have the Windows 11 ISO file, you can install it on all supported systems as well unsupported computers by replacing the install.wim or install.esd file from Windows 11 ISO to a bootable Windows 10 USB drive.

Read → How to Install Windows 11 without Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 (not recommended)


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Did this help, everyone?

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I have the windows insider program. I don't have an issue getting the download to start... what I AM having an issue with is that my system partition is locked by Dell. I keep getting the error message that it cannot access my reserved partition. I have tried using third-party programs to extend the 16 MB partition, done it manually, nothing works. Can anyone help?


You answered an old post that doesn't apply anymore. Rules are changing/being updated because of the official release coming out on October 5, 2021. Check this list to see if your computer is approved for the update to Windows 11. Not all Windows Insiders will be able to update.

Dell computers tested for upgrade to Windows 11 | Dell US


Thanks for the heads up. I couldn't find anything on it anywhere. My laptop is listed as it's just 4 months old but I was curious. I guess it's a waiting game at this point. Thanks so much for the info!!

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