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Totally frustrated with dell laptop, regret buying dell laptop.

I have dell inspiron 5567. 

dxdiag details right here https://imgur.com/a/vwmTcCr


1) laptop restarts when playing games, today i tried to play firewatch and after running for few moments it restarted. it gave a restart loop. 

2) blue screen of deaths(almost all types of error codes; and very frequently; sometimes 10 times in a day); these BSODs generally happen while multitasking, even when opening twitter and facebook in 2 tabs. lol.

3) if i install any new softwares, especially heavy softwares; laptop will restart multiple times, even when the system requirements is fulfilled. PS, it can be clearly seen that laptop is not working properly when I install new softwares. idk what is this.

4) AMD graphics. this is in my dell laptop. this is the worst thing in my life. if it updates, or if i do any settings in this; laptop damages itself. eg-: i changed AMD Radeon settings to play MXGP 2019 in my laptop and now today i was getting restart loop(which i have fixed by system restoring)

5) even when i play flash games, .io games in internet; i get BSODs, i am really irritated with this dell laptop.

6) overheating too much. lol. even when i am using twitter and facebook; it is overheating(not even using them for a long time). what can i do to remove overheating problem? is cooling pad good solution? 

I regret buying dell laptop. if i can't fix these issues, i will never buy dell laptop as well as anything with AMD radeon graphics in my life. 

i will be happy to get help in this community

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