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Touchpad driver not detected on Inspiron 15 3552 in Windows 10 1709

I've been working on this for quite a while and can't seem to get anywhere (and I'm out of warranty).

Ever since one of the fall creator updates to Windows 10 (I'm assuming 1709 - can't be certain since I was opted in to pre-release versions when I first noticed the problem), the touchpad device(s) have no longer shown up in Windows.

Basically, the first update that I noticed problems was right at the same time a new touchpad driver got released via Windows update.  I applied the driver, then Windows applied the new OS and on reboot, my touchpad was nothing more than a basic 2 button mouse.  I blamed the drivers at first and tried to revert but couldn't.  After a lot of messing around, I wiped my entire OS and installed a fresh copy of that same pre-release.  After installing drivers, the touchpad was still not working.

Since then I've done another full system wipe and I'm on official 1709 build which is what you get by default if you build a Windows 10 install USB (so I can't pick my version of the os).  I have grabbed the latest drivers from Dell for my laptop (chipset, etc... - all the required drivers) and installed them, but nothing seems to get the touchpad to get detected as a normal touchpad any more.

The only thing I can do to get the touchpad to function beyond a standard PS/2 mouse (btw, that's what it's detected as - the SMBus and/or HID I2C device(s) don't show up under Human Interface devices at all, not even hidden) is to extract the Synaptics drivers, then using 7zip, extract the .exe bundle, navigate to the 64bit version folder and manually run the dpinst.exe program to force-install the driver files since any other way it tells me there's no need to install the drivers (since it can't detect the hardware).  I then force-convert the PS/2 mouse to Touchpad and it works - but it's jumpy and not that great (but only way to get 2finger scroll which I can't live without).

I've run the hardware test, laptop is 100% fine.  I know the h/w is OK since it works on the PS/2 port.  Interesting thing is if I check System Info, under I/O and IRQ's, I can see the Synaptics SMB device entries, so I'm wondering if that means the system *kinda* sees it.

There's no way I'm the only person with this problem - are there others like me out here?  Has anyone figured out how to fix the drivers to get them loaded and get the touchpad working properly?  Is there any hope at all?

FYI, I've tried almost everything - if you think you have an idea, post it and I'll let you know if I did it already.

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Re: Touchpad driver not detected on Inspiron 15 3552 in Windows 10 1709

Hi e.sand,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

If your system supports the Quickset program, it may have become corrupted.  You can reinstall it to see if anything changes.

Here is more information you may find helpful:

Disabling or Enabling the Touchpad on a Dell Notebook

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Re: Touchpad driver not detected on Inspiron 15 3552 in Wind

Hi Robert,

Sorry for the very late reply - I had checked this out and the touchpad is not disabled.  It looks like some underlying API has changed in Windows 10, and now the touchpad HID (human interface device) that the driver looks for to hook on to is no longer detected by the OS, so all I get is a generic PS/2 mouse device.

I have the latest chipset drivers, this is a totally fresh install (not beta - release channel) and every time Windows pushes a major update (I'm now on the April release which just came out to everyone), it reverts any changes I make (such as forcing the PS/2 mouse to be a Touchpad) back to not working and being a PS/2 mouse.

I *can* get the touchpad to work if I force the PS/2 device to use the touchpad drivers (takes me extracting the drivers, telling the PS/2 mouse to use non-compatible drivers and picking the touchpad driver files to get it working), however it suffers from ghost touches, false clicks, and other annoying behaviour from time to time.

This is going on for what seems like a year now - is there anything I can do to get the touchpad working properly?  This device, although out of support, is supposed to be Windows 10 compatible.  It would be nice if the touchpad worked like it used to.

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Re: Touchpad driver not detected on Inspiron 15 3552 in Wind

Similar issue. One day it worked great, next day Windows updated something and the touchpad settings are all gone. I can't scroll, I can't turn off tap-to-click so now everything gets clicked on and dragged around unintentionally, and I can't even change the sensitivity. It's awful. Mine is still under warranty, but the Dell service guy wasn't able to fix it and they're not offering a replacement -- not that I expect that to matter, the problem is probably Windows itself.

So I've spent hundreds of dollars on a thing that breaks itself on a whim and is now a pain to use.

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