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Troca de cpu dell n4050

Boa noite. possuo um cpu i5 2410m queria um upgrade para um Core i7-2960XM e possível? se não, quais da i7 são compatíveis   a placa mãe e dell: 0R63TY

PGA988 e compatível com essa placa que citei 

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Re: Troca de cpu dell n4050

Welcome to the Dell Community  @teodolino 

i5-2410M TDP=35W

i7-2720QM TDP=45W

i7-2960XM TDP=55W

I upgrade E6420XFR's from the i5-2410M to an i7-2720QM and the fan turns on more often and for slightly longer periods of time.

The i7-2960XM should work???

But the fan could be running full speed all the time just to reduce the excess heat???

Then you would want to increase your AC adapter to the next higher wattage!!!

The original CPU draws 35W and the XM CPU draws 55W.

Try the i7-2720QM "Quad Core"

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One trick I have learned:

If the system you are upgrading does not have a "Discrete" GPU you can then use the heatsink for a "Discrete" GPU as it will help reduce the heat much better.

Dell OEM Inspiron N4050 CPU Heatsink Fan Assembly for Discrete AMD Radeon Graphics - G8XTF:


Dell OEM Inspiron N4050 CPU Heatsink Fan Assembly for Integrated Intel Graphics UMA - KHVXD:


If you compare the 2 you will notice the G8XTF gas tube is larger!!!

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