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Turbo frequency for G3 15 3579

Good afternoon,

This Del came with a i5-8300H processor: I have been trying to find a way for the processor to reach the turbo frequency. Any help on how to make it happen would be very much appreciated.

I have been playing GTA but it is slow, all other consideration as recommended by GTA are fulfilled by the laptop except the processor frequency.




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Re: Turbo frequency for G3 15 3579

There are a number of things to consider:

First, there's no way to force the CPU to run at turbo frequency.

Even when the system hits turbo speed, it won't run that way for long -- the system can't sustain running that fast for more than brief bursts.

The system will only hit turbo frequency on a single core -- on a multi-core CPU, the only way you'll see the turbo frequency is with a single core active.


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Re: Turbo frequency for G3 15 3579

Click on the battery icon on the taskbar (by the clock). When the popup window appears, move the slider to best performance. This should force the turbo boost to be on on the time. Not sure if constant turbo boost will burn out the CPU. I was cloning two drives connected via USB not too long ago, and turbo boost was constantly active throughout the process, which took a few hours. It will, however, cause the cooling fan to kick into high speed and consume more power. I find turbo boost a form of overclocking, but within design specifications.
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Re: Turbo frequency for G3 15 3579

Up to 4.2 GHz max processor frequency with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, giving you performance when and where you need it most. Compatible with Intel® Optane™ memory

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