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Two Questions About New G7

Hi everyone

I'm looking at the new G7 laptop and I have two questions.

1) Is the 256GB SSD option an NVME drive?

2) Is the 1060 Max-Q performance better than in some other models? I've heard that Dell actually gets better performance out of this GPU than other manufacturers because of the good cooling in laptops like the Inspiron 7577 and this G7. However, it would help if someone could confirm this.



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Re: Two Questions About New G7

1.  Unless the specs state NVMe/PCIe, expect SATA.

2.  This GPU is designed more for power optimization than all out performance -- doesn't matter who uses it in which system.  

Bear in mind this is an entry-level gaming notebook - it's NOT designed to be a high performance gaming system.  For that, you need to look at systems that start in the $1700-$2000 range.

This is a dressed up Camry - it's not a Supra.


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