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*URGENT*- Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming No bootable devices found

It's been like an year sincw i have been using thi laptop. It was working like a charm until 2 days back when i was watching on youtube, my laptop froze and when it restarted it showed me "No Bootable devices found" with the shur down option. I ran epsa tests and such to check if it was the hard srive issue but all tests were passed and showed no errors. I tried switchi g betwsen UEFI AND LEGACY with secure boot off and on but still dosent help. Would be a great help if somepne could help me out with this as my Dad would screw me up if he comes to know i rekt my new laptop, plus i need it for my exams which is going on right now. I have been aski g dell support about this with really less help provided from them. PLS HELP!
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