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Hello, I wanted to ask if Ubuntu can run on my Dell Inspiron 11 3168 without problems such as drivers and incompatibility. If I can will I need to download a specific version or the current version? Also, does Dell by any chance provide a specific image of Ubuntu for my computer? The reason why I'm asking is that the Dell websites states that Ubuntu 14.04 is supported on it.

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This is a user to user forum. It would be better to ask this in the Linux forum.


Oh thank you

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Here's a link to what Ubuntu has certified in PC models and indicates what version it was tested with.

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did you get any resolution on this?



I was checking the link sent by someone here and couldn't find my laptop in the supported hardware but Dell states that Ubuntu 14.04 is compatible but I want to make sure. Someone must know about these kinds of things



Have you checked out these two threads. I don’t think it would be impossible as I installed Zorin Linux on an old toshiba nb305 netbook, but I do think you’ll come across compatibility issues and hardware problems. Getting my netbook to go into standby was my biggest problem and I couldn’t get hibernation to work so it was always a cold boot and with an old atom processor; that was annoying. The Celeron chip in the 11 3000 shouldn’t be anywhere near as bad. Make an image backup of your existing partitions with macrium reflect or windows 10 backup, and then attempt an installation through a flash drive. I think Zorin Linux is a good O.S as is Ubuntu. Just not going to be an easy, straight forward installation imho, nor will everything be working 100%. There’s always going to be issues with a laptop that never had linux installed in the first place.


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