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Upgrade dell Inspiron 15r 5520

I have Inspiron 5520
i5 2.5ghz
4gb ram
1gb gpu on board amd Radeon Hd7600

Want to upgrade to play latest games
Can I upgrade to 8gb, 12gb or 16gb ram which will be compatable
Also want 2gb or 4gb gpu
But it’s soldiered on board so which board can I upgrade to?
have heard Inspiron 7520 can support and which other board can I buy which will support or fit my Inspiron 5520 with higher gpu

And what else will I be required to change ?

And if not possible to upgrade want I can do to play latest games which require 2gb gpu

Thanks and regards in advance
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Re: Upgrade dell Inspiron 15r 5520

The memory can be upgraded to 8G total.  The GPU cannot be upgraded at all.

If you need a video upgrade, it's time for a new system.


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