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Upgrade screen resolution 1366x768 to Full HD 1920x1080 inspiron 5559

I got the inspiron 5559 i7 and apparently it only comes with 1366 resolution. I would like to know if i could upgrade the screen to 1080p, 







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The system did ship with both HD and FHD options, in both touch and non touch.

If your system is touch, you'd need to replace the entire top half of the system.  If it's non-touch, you'll need the screen and may also need a new wiring harness (it's common that the wiring harnesses differ between resolutions).

You will also void the warranty on the system if you replace the screen -- if that's a  consideration. is one place to look for parts (if you're in the US).


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You can but at the cost of warranty, I have done it on some laptops before.
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I am thinking of doing the same thing in my Inspiron 5558(i7,8gb ram), so please tell me did it work for you?
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Hello people of the Dell Community!

Unfortunately I have the exact same problem as you and a few questions for the veterans!

The current 1366x768 screen my laptop is equipped with is this:

Part No. 53MPX 

According to parts-people, all "WXGAHD LCD LED Widescreen" 1366x768 screens with different part numbers are "compatible-replacements" for my laptop.

However, according to the same site, original 1080p displays such as C3MWM are "Not-Compatible"

Now i stumbled upon a guy on the Lenovo forum that managed to do something similar, and counldn't make it work at first, until he changed the display cable from a 1 lane eDP to a 2 lane eDP. (Both are 30-pin)

Apparently, a 1 lane eDP cable supports a panel with a signal type of 1680×1050 with 18 bit color depth, or up to 1366×768 with 24 bit color depth.

A 2 lane eDP 30-pin cable supports a resolution up to 1920×1200.


So, I searched on parts-people once again to find out which part number cable is currently in my system. This is what came up:  (Part No. MC2TTas the "exact OEM replacement" for my 1366x768 laptop.

However, there is another 30-pin cable for a 5559 inspiron on the same site (Part No. C3MWM) that includes "FHD" in the name, and supports . --

----So it must be at least 2 lane eDP in order to support this resolution!----

The problem here is that I don't know if the original cable that came with my laptop is an eDP-2 lane cable by itself.

If it isn't, I will need to replace it with the other OEM 30-pin cable from the 1080p model. I need help identifying the other (non-30 pin) end however. I don't know if THAT end will plug into my motherboard.

My Current Screen: 

  • Note: "Interface Type: 30-pins  eDP (1-lane), Connector"

OEM 1080p Sample:

  • Note: "Interface Type: 30-pins  eDP (2-lane), Connector"

Sample Screens I consider swapping to: 

Main choice:

2nd Option:

  • Note Both: "Interface Type: 30-pins eDP (2-lane), Connector"


  1. Is my current cable a 2-lane 30-pin cable, so that i dont have to change it for a "2-lane' 1080p monitor?
  2. If not, does the OEM 2-lane 30-pin cable (for the 1080p model) fit my motherboard with no issues, so that i can replace my original 1-lane 30 pin cable?


Thank you for your Interest in advance Lads! It really took some time to figure all this out...



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I would like to upgrade my display too, but I'm happy with staying at 1366x768. I just want to switch out the anti-glare panel with a higher quality one with a glossy finish. Don't care about touch capabilities or higher resolution, just want something that displays colors more accurately with better contrast. (Anti-glare makes things look washed out and hazy).


Hello there,

If you are happy with the resolution you have then everything is really simplified for you.

You can browse the web for other 1366x768 monitors with a 30-pin (1 lane) cable capability to the specs of your liking. Screen surface, colour accuracy, frequency response, and screen technology e.g IPS, VA, TN .

I would advise looking on Panelook for these specs including the 30-pin 1 lane characteristic you should be on the lookout for.

*Please bear in mind that my research is only theoretical and i haven't put any of this in practice. Also I haven't had anyone confirm or deny it*

Edit: also be careful when choosing a monitor because the screen's mounting points and the location of the 30 pin cable (left or right) of the laptop might vary.

(mine are 2 screws on each corner of the screen Above and Below it, not on the sides. My 30-pin is on the left side when looking at the front of the panel or right if you look at it from the back)

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Same problem here, i want to upgrade to 1080p 120hz for replacement of my broken installed screen, but i dont know if its compatible with my dell inspiron 5559

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My Dell inspiron 5559 original panel resolution is 1366x768,
yesterday I buy FHD Non touch screen, and changed it but the screen only have black light,
then I go buy the cable again with the model - DC020025K00 FHD NT 0KNG43 (New one),
My original cable model is - DC020024COO HD NT. Then i installed the new cable and it worked,
but only web cam is not working anymore, may be i broke it or the cable doesn't support it. I saw some have the same problem about the webcam after change the cable.


I’m having the same issue with the webcam not working after upgrading the screen from HD to FHD and upgrading the cable from Single lane EDP to dual lane EDP. There must be something up with that cable not being compatible. This really stinks.

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