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Volume constantly going down

2 days ago, I opened my laptop (Inspiron 15 7579) and when I pressed a key the volume dropped and muted and the slider stayed open. When I restarted, the same thing happened, and when I had bluetooth headphones set as the audio device. The volume still drops when using the taskbar volume slider, and the popup slider stays on the screen the entire time after it triggers. When adjusting the brightness, the slider flickers back and forth between the brightness and volume slider. Since then, I ran every possible update, deleted and reinstalled all keyboard and audio drivers, did system restore to multiple points and then did a full factory reset. The problem still occurs. The only way to kill the popup slider is to disable any active audio device. Short of disassembling my laptop and trying to find a hardware issue with the keyboard, are there any possible fixes to this or should I start looking for a new laptop? (warranty expired)

Thank you

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