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Weird HDD Sound

I bought the Dell Inspiron 5570 (i7-8550U, AMD Radeon 530 and only an HDD), which came with  Ubuntu pre-installed, and there was hardly any sound coming from the HDD, and since I've started using Windows 10 (Not activated) there's this annoying sound (It's not screeching, clicking or cracking) that the HDD is making and I can't bear it, so please Dell, release a better driver for the 1T HDD (on Windows 10).

Thank you.

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Re: Weird HDD Sound

I can't say what that sound is without hearing, but it could be possible your HDD is defect any may not work soon.

You can try to run the Dell diagnostics tool by pressing F12 while the Dell logo is displayed when booting the laptop. If it says everything is ok, maybe the HDD is simply that loud.

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