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Weird fan noise

My old dell inspiron 3521 is doing a weird fan noise, im sure its not the hard drive, here is a video how it sound:

And thanks!


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Check the fan for dust accumulation and clean accordingly.  If the noise continues, the bearings are failing - replace the fan with a new OEM unit.



Oh ok, but I'am 14years old (even im 14 im mature and knows enough about tech), Can I really fully open it without any issue? I'am really scared if I made a mess... 


Check the service manual -- if it seems too difficult, any local computer shop can clean/replace the fan.

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Try checking the temps or use open hardware monitor to see what your temps are. fans speeding up is the cause of heat and after gaming makes sense. maybe one of the fans isn't screwed in good, and when they ramp up, they vibrate. easy to take off the side panel and listen for what fan it is when it's doing it, then loosen or tighten it.

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