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What HDD should I buy?

Hello, a couple of days ago, my hdd died on me, i have to buy a new one.

I had a DELL Inspiron 15 3000 series ( but I do not recall the exact version ) that came with a 50pgb 5400rpm THIN HDD.

I found this one online that I really like:

But I am worried it won't fit, as some people say it fits just THIN HDD, some say that it fits only 7mm ones, and some say that it will fit because most of the laptops can fit 9mm HDD these days.

But I am so confused,can I get like an official answer from someone who really knows this laptop or replaced it before ( To access the HDD in this laptop you gave to remove 2 screws, 1 for the plastic cover, 1 for HDD and thats it, if this helps in any way... )

Please I do not want to buy one that won't fit.
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Re: What HDD should I buy?

Go for 7mm Hard drive, its also better to search for 7200 RPM drive for faster performance.
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Re: What HDD should I buy?

Go into Device Manager > Disk drives and post the model of your current hard drive so somebody here can look up its thickness -- or Google that name yourself to find out.

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