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What sort of computer parts should I replace?

So here's the problem, as soon as I boot up my laptop(Inspiron 3443) a certain random key(arrow button/space) will immediately start spamming. I found a way to encounter this by pressing the key(using my built in keyboard) it spammed for like multiple times until it eventually stops. I noticed this when I was entering my password account. Aside of random key spamming, there's also this issue where I can't press certain keys on my built in keyboard. I had to use external keyboard to overcome this issue. I also encountered another issue where(at random times) that random key spamming suddenly start once every now and then and this is really pissing me off. I had to like press the keys on my built in keyboard to encounter like usual and it is very annoying. Anyway, can somebody suggest or tell me what kind of hardware part do I need to replace? Because I'm certain that this is NOT a software issue. Also I've already done like multiple clean install and I can confirmed that this has nothing to do with software. Here are my specs : Intel core i7 5500u @ 2.4ghz 4gb ram 64 bit windows 10 64bit pro
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Re: What sort of computer parts should I replace?

If an external keyboard works properly then it would appear that your laptop keyboard needs to be replaced. You can either contact Dell parts and give then your service tag number or go to the second link below and order the keyboard.

Dell Spare Parts at 800-357-3355



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