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Why was my original post removed? I still have the issue (Broken Laptop)

Dear Community and DELL-Cares,

I wrote a post that was on this board a few days ago.  DELL-Cares did send me "private messages" but nothing has been resolved, so why was my post taken down????  That does not seem right!!!!!

I bought a Dell laptop (Inspiron 7590 2-in-1) a few months ago.  It worked well for the first couple of months but then the internal mic stopped working.  My 7yr old daughter uses it for home school (since we're all sheltering in place) and she needs to do video conferencing.  She can't use it for for any meeting now.  I had Dell remote in to diagnose the problem multiple times (more then twice).  Dell finally confirmed it was hardware (the laptops internal MIC does not work).  Dell sent me a box and I packaged it and filled out the paperwork which included the Service Request # and I wrote a detailed description of what the confirmed problem was and sent it off.  They had the laptop for more than a week.  I got it back the end of last week and nothing was fixed.  I ran all the tests like try to use the recorder program in the laptop and no sound was picked up and I tested it on a zoom meeting and I could hear and see everyone but on one could hear me.

Then I called Dell support and spoke to someone who apologized and said that all they could do is send me another box and have me send it back again to get fixed.  I said please send me the box (on Monday).  I have gotten the box to send it back (should get it in 2 days).  I came on here and posted a message yesterday to see if there is anyone else at DELL that can provide a better solution (like sending me a new computer).  I have gotten a few "Private" messages but not solutions.  Now I wanted to see my original posting and they took it down?????  What the heck.  

Today they messaged me that they will send me a box to send it back and they will send me Heck Phones with a mic that I (really my 7 year old, how they fit) can use until I have to send the computer back.  Oh and the person I talked on the phone never initiated sending the box on Monday.....

Whats the next steps if the laptop is sent back to me the second time still broken?  Then can you give me a new one? 

I bought this new and paid over $1,500 for it (which is a LOT of money to me).  It has been months since I've had a laptop that has worked.  You can sell the one I return as refurbished after you fix it.

Please let me know if this is an option.  I feel as if I'm in a never ending story, I keep contacting Dell and repeat the issue and explain what I've done and am told the same thing.  I just want a laptop that works in exchange for the $1,500 I paid.  I don't think my request is unreasonable.

Please help me!

Inspiron 7590 2-in-1

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Re: Why was my original post removed? I still have the issue (Broken Laptop)

First, off you should post this in the customer care forum they have Dell employees there that might help.

Since this is the 2nd return for the same problem have you considered contacting your Credit Card provider that you used to purchase the notebook. Sometimes they can be helpful in situations like this, just depends on their policy of receiving nonworking merchandise?

Also there is the BBB

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