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WiFi Adpater Issue

Hello Community! 

My laptop:

Inspiron 5570

Service Tag: <Service tag removed>

I have an operating system_windows 10 installed on my device. 1803 is my build version. When I tried windows install, it stuck at getting devices ready. I suspected it as a driver issue. I went to BIOS settings and turn wlan switch OFF and tried install, windows got Installed. Now, when I booted my system, the WiFi driver was not installed.  I restarted and turned Wlan switch ON and rebooted system. The driver was automatically  disabled, I uninstalled and tried to install and whole laptop stuck, see attachement)I had to force shutdown. 



The current version of driver is Qulacom QAC9377 ac wirless adapter. I tried it two times and same happened. 

Suggest me a solution. Is this a hardware issue or driver issue?

Thanks in advance.

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