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Will not power on after SSD installation

I am attempting to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 with addition ram and a 500 gig SSD.  The 8 gig ram worked out fine.  However, after installing the M.2 SSD the computer would not power on.  I removed the SSD and the computer would power right without issue.  After reinstalling the SSD the same thing happened and the computer failed to turn on.  I was wondering if the SSD slot might need to be turned on and if so how is that done?  If not, what could the issue be that prevents it from powering on?

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Re: Will not power on after SSD installation

2 questions. Are you sure the M.2 drive is not shorting against something on the motherboard (as in under the drive itself)? Or possibly when you tighten the mounting screw down. And secondly which model and type M.2 drive are you installing?

Also a little more information.

EDIT: This model only accepts SATA M.2 drives. Possibly is the SSD drive you are trying to install an NVME/PCIe?

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