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2 Jasper
2 Jasper

Win 11 on Inspiron 3543

Hi All,

My laptop is updated to Win 11 but in settings I'm seeing below thing in windows update settings menu:

Can any one tell is Inspiron 3543 not compatible for Win 11, even PC Health check tool is not available on MS site - displaying coming soon message on website



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5 Rhenium

You should check your PC's processor with link: Windows Processor Requirements Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors | Microsoft Docs . According to this, Windows 11 maybe support Intel Core Gen 8th and up.

8 Krypton

Your system has a fifth-generation CPU, which does not meet the Windows 11 requirements.  The early releases have allowed bypassing the requirements, but subsequent releases (including the official one) may not -- if you want to run Windows 11 long term, a new system will be required.


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