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Windows 10 2018 October update for Inspiron 7567

According to this page: https://www.dell.com/support/article/bm/en/bmdhs1/sln297954/dell-computers-tested-for-windows-10-oct... Inspiron 7567 has been tested for the October update. But I Microsoft does not recommend installing except with the latest video drivers from Intel due to an issue with the bundled audio driver. There is no driver update on the support page. So why Dell claims that this update is compatible if there are no compatible drivers released? What do we do now?

The video driver from Intel hasn't been updated for a year.

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Re: Windows 10 2018 October update for Inspiron 7567

If you do a quick look around, you wait - this update is NOT ready for release.  Unless you want to be troubleshooting on the bleeding edge, let Microsoft sort out and patch the patch -- this one is a skip for now.


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Re: Windows 10 2018 October update for Inspiron 7567

My system was the first one of 5 to update to the Oct. build.  So far, no problems but I do not run and external monitor and have not yet tried the Mixed Reality headset.  I will test it later today and report back if I have any problems.

I am currently running the 1.8.1 bios update, which appears to have been recalled, and most of the newest drivers.  I have not installed a couple from today and the 1st of Oct.  The Intel driver is still from 2017 so yes, not much new there.

If you do not want to upgrade yet, there is the delay option for feature updates in Win 10.


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