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Windows 10 Home Clean Install vs Dell Factory Restore

Hi, I just got a new laptop a week ago, and I am going to install a new SSD in my computer. I have the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and it's all tricked out! I wish to reinstall the operating system, drivers, and apps (not all) on my laptop.

I used the Dell OS Recovery Tool  to create a USB flash drive Dell Factory Reinstall disk (with Windows 10). Although, I also have a copy of Windows 10 Home from the local Fry's Electronics. I was just wondering, if I installed with either of these methods, will the actual Windows 10 OS be the same and will the setup or configuration be the same? I maybe wish to do a clean install with the Windows 10 Key because it eliminates bloatware.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Re: Windows 10 Home Clean Install vs Dell Factory Restore

The Dell restore media will include drivers and some applications. Whether you consider the latter bloatware is somewhat a matter of opinion since some of them would arguably be considered useful by at least some users, such as Dell Update, Dell Digital Delivery, etc. But other applications would not fall into that category, and although Dell has improved on its software preload over the years, there’s still some unnecessary stuff, especially on the Inspiron line.

In terms of the OS, that would be the same whichever install media you use, except the specific Win10 release version may be different based on when it was created, I suppose. However, the exact out of the box configuration may not be the same since Dell may customize some default settings, add branding, etc.

If you feel confident reinstalling drivers and whatever applications you actually want yourself, I would go with Microsoft media. It’s what I do since you get the minimum amount of bloatware, i.e. just what Microsoft includes. I’m not aware of OEMs that actually remove Microsoft bloatware; I’m guessing they’re probably not allowed to. Anyway, you can get Windows 10 install media straight from Microsoft from here:

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