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Windows 10 ISO Install on a XPS-13 HELP!

A friend gave me a XPS that needed Windows 10 installed because my Macbook is ready to go to hospice. I am in in college and I'm only 2 classes in on a computer science degree.

One day this might be easy but right now its driving me nuts.

I downloaded Parallel on my Mac to be able to download the ISO Windows

recovery tool. I have tried Microsoft's site as well as Dell's .

I was able to get Windows running for a little while and about 5-10 minutes in a screen would pop up asking me to call a number which I looked up and it seems to be a was freezing the whole computer.

I then wiped the whole thing. Now I'm in the recovery assist and the repair part is greyed out. It wont let me proceed with installing because it wants me to first back up files that don't exist. I Called Dell and the support wanted me to pay 100.00 for help. If I had that kind of money I would but I don't. Can someone be kind enough to walk me through this?

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It sounds like the system is infected, I would advise running the Dell Data Wipe before clean installing Windows. I've put together a detailed Windows Installation Guide here for Windows 10 which covers the Dell Data Wipe. If the system has an 8th Generation Processor or newer I would recommend installing Windows 11 opposed to Windows 10:


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