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Windows 10, update 1709 / HDMI

Like lots of folk, my (3 month old)  new Dell Inspiron laptop running windows 10 has automatically updated to version 1709

After this update, my Dell Inspiron laptop no longer work with my external computer monitor (HP2311x), or sony Bravia TVs

Dell technical support have been unable to resolve through Driver updates and BIOS update.

Dell suggest that I buy myself a new 'compatible' monitor, and are refusing to accept any responsibility.

Dell are unable to provide a fix, and are refusing a refund, so I now have a 3 month old Dell Inspiron 5379 which cannot work with an external monitor.

  • Has anyone been able to resolve this 1709 / HDMI issue?
  • Has anyone had a similar poor experience with Dell customer support?
  • Does anyone know my consumer rights in UK, when a compulsory  windows update makes a piece of hardware redundant, effectively changing the spec of my computer that I bought from Dell.

Hopeful of some guidance.




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Re: Windows 10, update 1709 / HDMI

Same problem... no solution Smiley Sad

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