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Windows 7 install problem.


I bought my first Dell laptop with ubuntu (inspiron 3567) I want to install windows 7 from my pendrive. But I've got this error message "Boot device failed"  And the laptop isn't start with ubuntu now. What can I do now? Sorry for my english! 

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Re: Windows 7 install problem.

The links below should help. Keep in mind that Windows 7 extended support is ending January 14, 2020. Which means no more added features or security updates.


As far as Ubuntu is concerned the following page should help.


Also to reinstall the operating system as it came from the factory.


To create a Windows 7 installation media, but you need the key number of the OS to download it.


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Re: Windows 7 install problem.

That system won't run Windows 7.  It has an Intel Core 7th Gen CPU, and Windows 7 only supports up to 6th Gen CPUs.  And even if you got it to work, you probably won't be able to get Windows 7 versions of the drivers you'll need, so various things probably won't work properly or at all.  And even if you somehow solved all of that, Microsoft will stop providing updates for Windows 7 in a year, which includes security updates.

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