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Windows update 1709 not working - Inspiron 13

When I do a search in these forums for "Windows Update 1709" I see a number of different comments about problems. So I'll just add mine.

I got forced an upgrade the other day, and when it rebooted, right after the Dell logo, the whole screen went blank. Occasionally, when I clicked the touchpad I would get a brief flash of  a screen of white noise, but it was not repeatable in any regular way.

So, I went back to the previous version (1703) and everything worked again. At that time I didn't know how to prevent an upgrade, so it happened again. And again, the same thing happened. And again, I went back to the previous version. 

I learned that I could turn off the automatic upgrade by disabling the service, so I've done that.

Who is responsible for fixing this? Microsoft or Dell?

Inspiron 13-7359

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Re: Windows update 1709 not working - Inspiron 13

You cans postpone feature updates on the Settings-Updates Advanced Settings.  That should keep it at bay for a couple of months.

I don't have an experience with the 7359 but maybe someone else will have.

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Re: Windows update 1709 not working - Inspiron 13

Hi, may i know how did you turn off the auto upgrade and did it work? Because i turned off my windows update but it keeps popping up everyday and i have to turn it off everyday

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Re: Windows update 1709 not working - Inspiron 13

Do you have the latest video driver installed?



Also the latest UEFI BIOS update?


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