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Would a larger 56Wh battery be compatible with a 5568?

Hi, I own an Inspiron 5568 2-in-1 laptop and the original battery barely lasts an hour, it's health has degraded to the point it just holds 46% of the original energy so it's time to replace it.

I opened it to write down the model number but I realized there's space for a larger battery, and yet I didn't any info that it was an option. I found a bigger 56Wh battery from another 2-in-1, the 7586, and the battery connectors seem to be the same but I'm not certain. Does anyone know?

Their nominal voltage is different but the VRMs should be able to handle it, at least the 7586 has an option of a 3-cell battery as well; I'm willing to try if they're compatible.

If anyone has tried it before or knows of a larger battery for my 5568 do let me know, and thanks anyway.

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