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bluetooth headphone sound breaks when opening sound settings

Im using a Dell G3 3779 and a skullcandy JIB wireless headphones. The device pairs fine and outputs sound fine until either the sounds menu or the sound settings menu is opened. Once opened the sound stops outputting but shows that it is outputting when it is tested. The laptop is also does not pick up any sound on the microphone but shows that is is connected. These issues also occur whenever I connect to a voice call on the laptop, regardless of the type. Once the sound has been cut out it can be brought back temporarily by playing music in potify but only will output sound whilst the music is playing. The only way to revert the issues is to reboot the laptop but the issue still returns if the settings are opened again or I enter a voice call. I have updated all of my sound and bluetooth drivers and tested the device on my phone. On the phone both the sound and the mic functions fine.

tagged as inspiron because there is no tag for my device

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