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dell inspiration 5570 5000 series wifi adapter problem

My laptop used to run the wifi flawlessly without any problem upto a night. then shut down the laptop and sleep. But next day when I open my laptop and tried to connect to the wifi it started to show the problem. there is not any windows update going on. Now my laptop's wifi doesnot shows like this.


when i tries to open the wifi it doesnot do anything .

i tried updating wifi driver even reinstalling driver from intel website but nothing happens. 

Please anyone can help me??


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Start >> Type: Control Panel >> Select Control Panel >> Device Manager >>

Expand all of the drop-downs to see if there are any problems with hardware (might be indicated with a red X)

Action >> Scan for Hardware Changes


If you think you need update(s), take an ethernet cable and plug directly from the left side of your laptop into your modem.  Restart your PC and see if you can connect to the internet with a hard link (the ethernet cable).  Then try to troubleshoot your WiFi.



thanks for the reply.

i tried what you suggests but it didn't help me.

when i run troubleshooter, it says"wireless capability is turned off " and "turn on wireless capability failed".

note: my  system is detecting the wireless card in my computer

(reason i think: when i reboot windows 10 into my computer to solve the driver issue windows automatically installs driver for the wireless card.)

if you have any more suggestions ????? please




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