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dell inspiron n5110 strange behavior - please help


dell inspiron n5110 i7 , nevdia 1GB , 6G rams 

here's all the problems I have noticed on my laptop 
1- clock and calendar  doesn't work at all ( i have to manually update it every now and then because some websites doesn't work reporting ( clock is behind ) automatic update doesn't work at all.)

2- when windows Shut down , it doesn't do a complete shut down , after shutting down the windows the laptop keeps hanging on a black screen - i have to hold the power button for 3-5 seconds ( i think because of the new used HDD i have installed doesn't shut down , i dk )

3- Ethernet lan card is not detected at all not even in the device manager window.
4- the left arrow lags , like i press it and hold the same pressure not moving at all for more than 10 seconds , it start working , only the left navigation arrow 


when that started ?

my HDD had few bad sectors from an accident and one time while it was scanning for bad sector ( it said don't shut down the laptop ) but it wasn't moving for 11h so i did and my HDD never worked again 

i was desperately in need of a working laptop and I didn't have much money so i bought older 300GB HDD WS from the store ( used condition ) 

first thing I have noticed with simple diagnose from bios it reports that the HDD has problem , I ignored that i just wanted to finish my assignment so i ignored it , it does make many Disk check specially lately but i just don't care. as long as my 3ds max and gta v working fine i didn't care.

right after reinstalling windows ( i might have not installed the correct drivers in the right order , every time i reinstall the windows i fail to do that many times until i get it working with yellow sign next to the wifi on device manager )

* for the record i also used few cracks so it could be the cracks as well because i have noticed the arrow lag right after installing the a crack for one of my softwares *

anyway , that's that , any ideas ? please help i searched a lot no one even have posted something like this
I appraciate your time very much !!

thanks alot 

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