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fn11 & fn12 keys-screen brightness control, stopped working


My fn11 & fn12 keys stopped working in the last 1-2 weeks (screen brightness), but the other function (fn) keys work.

After reviewing this forum, I tried the following, but it didn't fix it:

  • Disabled/re-enabled Display adapter (Intel HD graphics 5500).
  • Updated display adapter driver using search Auto for drivers, Windows Update, and locate on my computer. Also, I tried 3 other drivers on my computer include Microsoft.
  • Ensured adaptive brightness off.
  • Ensure Windows Update was current.

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 5558.
Os: Windows 10.


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Mary G
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Re: fn11 & fn12 keys-screen brightness control, stopped

Try it with or without the FN key, just the F key alone. The toggle might have changed back to original function. One function is the F1-F12 key alone and the other is pressing the FN key +the F1-12 key at the same time.

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Re: fn11 & fn12 keys-screen brightness

Thank you for your message. Did this issue start after any Windows or driver updates?


Try the Fn key behavior by press Fn+Esc to toggle to multimedia & function & check if the issue persists & check if the keys are working. 


For my reference, please click on the message tab next to your avatar– click “New Message” & search for my Dell username (Dell-Sreejith R) & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.


What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it?



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