diaa kh
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graphic glitches when charging

I bought dell 7577 week ago,and I have problem when I charge my laptop every game I have or any 3d program start showing graphic glitches but if I open it when I don't use my charger it works. I tried to download drivers and reset my windows but nothing worked.
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dell-robert p
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Re: graphic glitches when charging


Hi diaa kh,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your system is not working as expected.  Please run system diagnostics by pressing F12 at startup or by running Dell Support Assist.  If no problems are indicated, it could be your AC adapter.  Your post doesn't indicate whether you are using the 130 watt or the 180 watt adapter.  Please check to see, and if you're using the lower wattage, you might try the higher wattage adapter for better results.

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