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inspiron 15 3000 series 3542 keyboard not working

Hey, everyone. This past December my laptops keyboard had all of a sudden stopped working. I turned it on after a 4 day trip and it had worked fine at first, logged in and typed fine, but as soon as i got logged on it had stopped. So I restarted it and it no longer was typing. So I checked for updates, checked for virus, uninstalled the software and had it reinstalled, plugged in a external keyboard and it worked, so bought a new keyboard and it still does not work. Last night I took it apart to see if anything was loose, burnt, or damaged and nothing seemed wrong with it. I've tried filter keys and all that, still doesn't. Only kind of clue I've gotten the past two months is that on device manager properties for the keyboard, it says its properly connected, plugged into keyboard port, and no damage or anything detected. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

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