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inspiron n5050 5 beeps.... but read on.

Hi All

New to the forum.

I was wondering if any one could help me.

as stated above i have an inspiron N5050. 

on the boot up it beeps 5 times, now i know from my research this has something to do with either the bios battery, or the real time chip. 

so let me tell you what i have done so far.....

I've changed the bios battery about 3 times, it still beeps.

I've run diagnostics, no issues. still beeps.

The time and date are always correct, Still beeps.

I've replaced the Memory (not that it matters to the 5 beeps) guess what? Still beeps.

I've tried the idea of disconnecting everything holding the power button etc.... doesn't work, still got the 5 beeps.

So here's where it gets interesting, if it was a hard wear failure, how long could i expect the laptop to last? coz let me tell you i'm now over a year on and still we have beeps, and my laptop seems to be running fine.

Now the next bit of information that may help someone figure this out is as follows.

boot up, (5 beeps contiues), log into windows 10. (beeps continue but quieter). However if i then press the power button to put it in to sleep mode and then wake it up the beeps miraculously stop.

Any help with this would be amazing. 


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Re: inspiron n5050 5 beeps.... but read on.

You are correct, it is related to the CMOS battery. Try removing the new battery and leave it out for a good 15-30 minutes, then reinstall the battery.

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