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laptop quality is awful

I have had so many issues with my laptop since I received it on December 2, 2017.  I want Dell to do the right thing and refund the purchase.  I have tried diligently to work with them.  I now have a non-functional machine and do not want to have it replaced or repaired.  I want a refund.  Come on Dell.  Back up your customer please.  Below is the message I posted to their facebook page, messaged them, and posted on Instagram.  What else can a person do?????


"I am on the phone with Sam ID #381144 - I have had a broken computer since its purchase in December, 2017. I have already sent it in for repair and it was returned in January. It is broken again. I have worked within the Dell parameters and I have been very patient up to now. I want to return it for a refund. Sam says it is not refundable. He says the refund window ran out on December 31. (It was in the Dell repair center on December 31, by the way.) Dell needs to back me up on this and refund my purchase price of $842.76. Sam is very unwilling to think outside the box and understand that I do not want a repair or replacement because I no longer trust in the quality of Dell's product. Who at Dell is willing to assist me with this? Also, the Tech Support center (whom I was on the phone with for a long while today) says because I opened the first service ticket on December 23rd, it is eligible for a refund. I expect some decent service please. Thank you."

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Re: laptop quality is awful

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