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"Unable to connect to backend" on Dell OS Recovery Tool

Hi all. I bought a Dell G5 15 5587 and I would like to move windows 10 from the SSD to the HDD. In order to reinstall windows, I'm using the Dell OS Recovery Tool. However, it shows me "Unable to connect to backend".

Here the screenshot. I'm italian, so, it says in red 'Impossibile collegarsi al backend' which actually means; "Unable to connect to backend".



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Having the same problem today trying to download a recovery image for an Inspiron 13-5378.

Thought maybe it was our Internet connect, but everything else is working Okay (Google, Dell web-site, etc.) and tried several different networks (ours, the local free WiFi, my personal MiFi, etc.) - all to no avail.

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You don't need the Dell OS recovery tool.


Windows 10 key is embedded on the motherboard.




Is it not true that the Windows 10 Home edition download from Dell has the original programs and tools injected in the recovery image?


No the ISOs obtained are a version behind version 1803 opposed to 1809 and do not have any additional drivers included. If you use the Dell Support Assist ISO it will give you an English US install only (no language options).

You are best to use the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft. A clean install will give you basic driver support and connectivity to the internet. You can then use Dell Update for the System Drivers:

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Once I VPN'd to the US, mine started working.

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