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screen flickering inspirion 5575

I have an issue since I bought the laptop which appears that it doesn't have any connection to hardware issues neither to openning task manager. I have updated all drivers on PC but the issue still didn't go away even with a clean re-installation of win-10.

I really hope someone can give me assistance on how to fix this issue, it is very annoying when using the PC the screen Flashes white and then back to normal.

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Re: screen flickering inspirion 5575

Uninstall or disable any unnecessary software even if it came pre-installed by Dell, those processes load at boot time and take up RAM, CPU and disk resources.
Open Task Manager and look under the Startup tab and disable apps from running at startup.
You could switch Power Settings to Maximum Performance, it could boost your laptop performance.
If you don't use Windows search, turn off the Search Indexing service.
If you have less than 8GB of RAM it will be hard to improve the performance.

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