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speaker not working in dell inspiron 5558 i5 5th gen

Hey guys i have been using this laptop for a while and suddenly my audio when out, i thought it was a driver issue and tried to reinstall all the drivers related to the audio, but it was of no use, so i tried to reinstall windows 10 so that could fix the driver issue, atleast rollback to default drivers, but no result, its showing " no audio device is installed", so i thought the speakers are not working, so i open the dell diagnostics and the tests proved that the speaker are working by playing 6 different beeps or tunes on the speakers. So my doubt is, its working in bios, but its not working on windows, i tried to use the ubuntu, thinking it might fix the speaker issue, but no use. 

Please help me fix this issues, Thanks in advance


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I have tried the ePSA audio test also, i have heard 5 different types of tones from speakers, i have also tried to change the operating system, windwos 10, windwos 8.1, windwos 7, and also ubuntu, but no audio from speakers, and how to perform a system recovery??

Thanks in Advance

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If you performed a system recovery (reset the laptop back to the original factory configuration), that would have fixed any software issue, assuming that you tested the speaker immediately after the recovery before Windows Update had a chance to change the configuration. So that leaves the hardware.

Another way to test the speaker hardware is to run the ePSA audio test. If you hear the test tones through both speakers then the speakers are okay, but in that case I would be stumped as to what more you can do to fix it because performing a system recovery is the ultimate fix-it tool.


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