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video tdr failure, atikmpag.sys


I am using an inspiron n5010. In the last 12 months I believe I switched from windows 7 to windows 10. Microsoft recomended this step but I wasn't sure about it so I made it recently not on the start of the campaing. It worked well so well that I decided to swap my hdd for an ssd. Everything was finde till February. After one of windows updateds I have experienced blue screens on every system start with the graphic card turned on. I have tried every possible solution I have found on the internet and nothing worked for me. That convinced me that my GPU is dead and becouse I was not in a need to buy a new computer I was using it all the time. Then on June or July microsoft released a new update and suddenly my graphic card came back to life. I did not have to install new drivers or anything it just worked. It became obvious for me that the GPU is still working and it wasn't a hardware malfunction. Sadly yesterday 15.10 windows got updated again and my problem with the blue screen with the same code and problem occourded again. I was more determined than before becouse I know my GPU is working so I tried everything. I have tried every solution on the internet and I even contacted microsoft. I tried reseting windows to the basic version, uninstalling last update and hiding it, reinstalling drivers and installing them again which is not even possible in normal mode while in safe mode it is only possible to do using device manager, there is no possibility of doing it trough software provided by AMD. I thought that mabye AMD does not support my graphic card but suprisingly they provide drivers for my radeon hd 5000 series.
Is there anything I am able to do to use my laptop with a windows 10? Microsoft support section recomended switching back to windows 7...

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