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volume problems

hi i have been having a problem with my volume. it was fine all day and then all of a sudden my volume went down to 0 and stayed there. i have been trying to turn it up but everytime i let go of the button it goes right back down to 0. i have tried system restore, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, running a system diagnostic. nothing has worked. what do i do? i just got this computer the other day and i use it for work but i cant without the volume. i was doing research and saw that other people with this computer  had the same problem. somebody plz tell me how i can fix it without having to spend a fortune

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Re: volume problems

Hi GummyBear0711, 

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

Since you have not posted the exact model and operating system of your computer, at this time all we could do is provide you with a general answer to your question.

Try holding the Fn key and pressing the volume control.  If that works, then your F keys are defaulting to working as F keys, not media keys.  If you wish to swap that behavior around, take a look at your Esc key.  If you see an icon indicating "F Lock" or "Fn Lock", then press Fn+Esc, and the default behaviors of your F keys will be reversed.

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