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where can i download dell ubuntu preinstall?

hy, my name is imam.

i want to ask, my laptop is dell inspiron 3162 with ubuntu preinstall, 

at that time, i did the format on SSD on my laptop, and ubuntu disapperared. how can i get ubuntu with  same preinstall?

because i have tried using ubuntu which was downloaded (ubuntu 14.04) on , but there are many bugs like freeze and no driver installed.

ubuntu preinstall is 14.04.


i hope someone can help me.. Smiley Sad

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Re: where can i download dell ubuntu preinstall?

Typically if your Dell came with Ubuntu you can download that image by looking up your specific notebook through the service tag. Once you get to support for your device the driver/software area should have directions on downloading a image of original install ISO to create a bootable install. Or search Dell support for create restore image and it will take you to page where you enter your service tag and it will give you options for downloading ISO image. These are like I say original images so Dell does not update them, it brings you back to original date of manufacture OS. 

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