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How to use iDrac to check the health of IDPA / PPDP


Hardware component of any system is the most important component which need to be checked periodically and ensure they are in optimal and health status.

We have three options to check the health of the PPDP:

  1. ACM Health Tab
  2. IDRAC Health Status.
  3. Rapid Upgrade checker


ACM Health Tab

Customers can directly log in to ACM using the credentials to check the health status of the system.













Select the event to know more information  




Using iDRAC

Checking the health of the hardware is important, PPDP has IDRAC inbuilt which can also help in reviewing the health of the system. We recommend customers check hardware health periodically to avoid hardware related issues.



Once logged in you can see the system and storage health option on the dashboard.



Selecting each option would bring up a new screen with the status of different components.



You can further select individual components.

Example 1: DIMM’s


Example 2: Cooling



Storage health is another important category which needs to be checked.



In this example, all drives are showing healthy, If there are any failed drives. Log a support ticket immediately to get assistance.





Rapid Upgrade Checker:

Community page: How to use Rapid Upgrade Checker utility 


Video (8 mins):


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