Integrated Data Protection Appliance(IDPA/PPDP)

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How to video series (IDPA) - PowerProtect DP Series Appliance


Kindly find below few video series that contain all you need to know for IDPA: 


- This video shows the steps on how to install the Oracle Linux plugin and run a test backup. 

- For more details, refer to KB# 000198637


- This video shows how to set up automatic garbage collection/ automatic cleaning.

For more details, refer to KB# 000199927


- This video explains how to check and analyze capacity utilization.


- This video shows how to check the Data Domain utilization.  

- The Data Domain capacity resolution path is also embedded in this knowledge base.


- This video shows how to perform Data Domain cleaning, how to schedule and check Avamar maintenance. 



- This video explains how to use PowerProtect DP Rapid Upgrade Checker to validate all upgrade prechecks and to show a consolidated status, with remedy information for failed checks.


- This video explains on how to run the latest version of the "lord" automated remediation tool to remediate the potential exposures to Apache log4j CVE-2021-44228.


- This video explains how to create Cloud unit on Protection Storage (Data Domain).


- This video explains how to offload Avamar Backups to cloud for Long term retention.


- This video explains on how to update the latest Azure TLS certificates on Protection Storage (Data Domain) integrated with Azure Cloud.


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