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7.1.1 SMB share management via MMC

Has anyone managed to successfully create a SMB share via the MMC plugin ?

I can see the current shares and sessions but cannot browse a path to create a share using the create share wizard

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: 7.1.1 SMB share management via MMC

If you want to be able to browse, you need to first create a C$ share via the WebUI or the CLI. You can set the path for the C$ share to be where you would like to be able to create shares from, so you can set it to /ifs or subdirectory under /ifs.

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Re: 7.1.1 SMB share management via MMC

There are many limitations in the process using MMC to create SMB share and we recommend to use cluster WebGUi or CLI.

Before you start "New share" wizard:

- Create the new folder manually if folder doesn't exist.

- Configure NTFS permissions

- Open MMC "Shared folder snap-in" using direct IP to any node.

Never use SmartConnect name. IP has to be from the correct Access Zone.

- Start "new share" wizard

- Folder path: <c:\ifs\full_path_folder>. For example: <c:\ifs\data\smb\share>

- On the permission config" All users have read-only access". You have to reconfigure SMB share permissions later.

OneFS: How to create new SMB share using MMC

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Re: 7.1.1 SMB share management via MMC

crippled process indeed, might as well use the WebUI at this point.

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Re: 7.1.1 SMB share management via MMC

As far as I know the use of MMC is not supported. Another Pitfall is the default ACL applied to the folder, if you did not create a folder before creating a share. The quickest way is to go by cli:

isi smb share create --name="myfiles" --path="/ifs/data/myfiles"

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