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ADAudit can connect to the an Isilon cluster, but Zones will not appear.

Hello everyone,

We use AdAudit as a tool to ingest forwarded SMB Audit logs from our H500 Isilon, and it seems like after upgrading to OneFS Version:, the auditing stopped soon thereafter (or so we believe). I have worked with DellEMC, they say to check with ManageEngine, I check with ManageEngine, and they say to talk to DellEMC. And so the cycle begins. Now, I think it's a permission issue, but where do I go to enable either root (not advised) or a separate AD or local service account with these permissions to be able to ingest the logs?


Privileges required | EMC Isilon guide | ADAudit Plus (




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Hello what was your previous version of OneFS that you were running before you upgraded to  Here is a link to a kb, if support has not already sent this to you.

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I had this same issue. In the OneFS console under membership and roles you can add root to a given role through the FILE:SYSTEM Authentication provider. I was able to add root to the Audit role and it worked flawlessly. I do not think you're able to use an AD account to authenticate it, I used a Domain Admin Account with Local sudo access and it still did not work. I believe it requires a native File System user account, probably needs to be able to access the file directory structure for the zones and Audit Role in OneFS.


Thank you. I will give root access to the Audit role and see what happens.



Didn't work for me... tried this and a number of other options. No go! We pulled our renewal on this feature. We'll probably use some other data analytics tool.

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@JMACND , try to add user to SystmAdmin Role.

WebUI->Access->Memberships & roles->Roles->SystemAdmin


No go on that as well. 

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