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Can we change the control port settings on isilon node?

Hello All,

I am currently facing an issue where we have added new Isilon nodes.

But after we have added the new Isilon nodes,it is still accessing the old control port for DD VTL, Instead of the new control port. Hence I would like to know if there is any way that we can change the control port setting from Isilon end for what we have set as 3.0.0 (new) to 1.0.0



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Re: Can we change the control port settings on isilon node?

Sorry, Control Port?

Isilon doesn't have Management ports, or management interfaces.  All management is done in-band.  Because you're likely talking about doing NDMP-based backups to a DataDomain, I assume that you're talking about the network interfaces for your 3-way NDMP.  So all that's necessary to accomplish what you're describing is to:

#1 Ensure that your backup application, NetBackup, NetWorker, etc. is using a smart connect zone name to talk to the Isilon cluster.

#2 Ensure that there are enough IP addresses for the new interfaces un-used on the static smartconnect zone on the Isilon Cluster.

#3 Add the network interfaces for the new nodes to that SmartConnect Zone/Pool. (Assuming they are cabled, and switch ports are cabled correctly). 

That's it.  I hope that helps!


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