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Celerra to Isilon file migration

We have a Celerra with file system checkpoints on it that we need to retain for backups.

We want to copy these over to the Isilon and dedupe them down.

We have attempted to copy a checkpoint with the isi_vol_copy_vnx command using ndmp however it fails with a message SnapSure file system creation fails

Is there any way to use this tool to copy the checkpoints over? If not what's the best way to achieve this?


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Re: Celerra to Isilon file migration

what is the retention on your checkpoints ?

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Re: Celerra to Isilon file migration

Any ndmp-based copy takes a snapsure snapshot of the source on VNX/Celerra, and then copies that to the target.  But what you're attempting to do here is to take a snapshot of a snapshot, which is why it doesn't work.  I'd be willing to be that if you ran a server_log server_x (on the source datamover), you'd see some PAX or SNAPSURE error message in the logs.  I think what Dynamox is alluding to by talking about retention periods is that if you have say 30 daily checkpoints, the only way to replicate that behavior on Isilon, is basically do a full copy of the data once, then run incrementals once per day.  If the incrementals are starting at midnight, and running until say 4AM every day, then create a snapshot schedule to run at 5am every day on the Isilon target.  Let this proccess run for 30 days or whatever your retention period is, then you're ready for cutover with snaps on target basically matching those on source, (not at the same time of course, but the same frequency and retention period).

Hope this helps;

Chris Klosterman

Senior SA

EMC Isilon Offer & Enablement Team