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Cloud Storage Account Question

Hi everybody, 

I'm trying to create a Cloud Storage Account in a cluster with OneFS In the Web Administration Guide says that to create the account in Isilon, I need to use a URl with HTTPS.... Someone knows if there is a way to use a URl with HTTP ??

I tried to create the account but it shows the next error.

Account Create Failed

The CloudPool account did not create due to the following error:
Account validation failed to connect to remote server: clapi error: CL_OK;

I'm trying to use an Amazon S3, but the URl that my cloud team gave me starts with HTTP.



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Re: Cloud Storage Account Question

check KB 524375. BTW upgrade to OneFS 8.1.2 for a aptch to support v4 auth.

524375 : Configuring EMC Isilon CloudPools to tier data to Amazon S3



533516 : DTA 533516: Isilon OneFS: Amazon is ending support for Authentication V2 which may prevent CloudPools from replicating data to Amazon AWS instance


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Re: Cloud Storage Account Question


Try these steps https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-69074

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