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ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 11

This One Goes to 11

In an episode more stuffed with material than Nigel Tufnel’s shoe store, Scott Pinzon and Chris Adiletta host news and technical tips about Big Data storage. Gobbled from the Feed: How biometric data influenced the editing of The Revenant; a one-billion-euro prototype reactor that could generate clean energy, at 100 million degrees Centigrade. OneFS NEXT: SMB3 continuous availability; Varun Chhabra on why Isilon users might want Elastic Cloud Storage. Hidden Gems: Katie Johnson explains how you can troubleshoot just like Isilon support engineers. Hadoop Roundup: Bill Crew on why you’ll want both SQL and NoSQL apps for analytics. Plus You Asked for It, Cool Commands, and in What’s Making Us Happy, a round-up of sci-fi cable shows worth watching, and notable new gadgets from CES.

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Show Notes:

Big Data in Film


Fusion Power


OneFS 8.0 Feature

SMB Continuous Availability

Hidden Gem

Isilon Troubleshooting Guides with Katie Johnson

Customer Troubleshooting - Isilon Info Hub

Hadoop Roundup

Inflammable | Definition of Inflammable by Merriam-Webster

NoSQL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You Asked for it:

Cool Command:
isi services -a

Happy Topics:

Chris: CES

Scott: TV

Amazon.com: Orphan Black Season 1: Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, Maria Doyle Kennedy...

Amazon.com: Mr. Robot, Season 1: Ben Rappaport, Carly Chaikin, Martin Wallstrom, Portia Doubleday, R...

Watch Marvel's Jessica Jones Online | Netflix

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Re: ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 11

Awesome episode! And I'm not just saying that because I was on it.

Thanks for the invite cadiletta and spinzon!

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Re: ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 11

Thanks Katie! 

  It was great to have you on the show, and we're a big fan of the troubleshooting guides.  We hope most users are not having to troubleshoot often - but when they do, there are great resources to get them going quickly. 

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