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ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 12

An Animated Discussion

Chris and Scott cover breakthroughs in animation studio workflows, from “the fastest animation studio in the world” to NASCAR broadcasting races in Virtual Reality. Hadoop brofessor Bill Crew sheds light on ingestion applications. Community member afowler21 raises questions about the Isilon API. Chris highlights a OneFS 8.0 command, isi cloud accounts list. In What's Making Us Happy, Scott is The Witness, so Chris runs away.

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Show Notes:

Next Animation


Data Science and TV


Kahn Academy and Pixar


360TB Data Storage

'5D' discs can store data until well after the sun burns out

You Asked For It:

Pulling isi statistics via API not showing accurate results

Cool Command:

isi cloud accounts list

Happy Topics:

Chris: Runkeeper - Track your runs, walks and more with your iPhone or Android phone

Scott: The Witness (2016 video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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